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TejanoEntertainment.net ... your source for the latest Tejano entertainment news
and music.   We are based in the Capitol of Tejano Music, San Antonio Texas,
reaching Tejanos around the world.

The TejanoEntertainment.net website is owned and maintained by John "Xap"

"My dream to create an information resource for Tejano music fans came to life in
January 2000. Through the use of the internet, I have been able to reach Tejanos
around the world.  Creating TejanoEntertainment.net has been a challenge, but it
also has given me the opportunity to experience many new and exciting Tejano
events.  I've met some pretty interesting characters along the way.  The on-line
photo albums have allowed me to share some of these events and characters.  
My work experience includes: Zapata Multi-Media Productions which includes
both audio and video production and website design; John Zapata Images which
focuses on special events and concert photography; producing internet
broadcast programming for the TejanoEntertainment Network, maintaining the
TejanoEntertainment.net website, marketing Tejano related products and
services on the Tejano Market Place, and creating new video programming for
TMTv - Tejano Music Television. I recently created XapFM Internet Radio station
which features both Tejano, Oldies and Hot Country hits.

TejanoEntertainment.net has allowed me to put Latin music in places where there
never has been broadcast facilities with Hispanic programming. He is also the
owner of XapFM Internet Radio which has a worldwide audience.  Away from this,
I own and operate J.D.Zapata & Associates, a minority business enterprise, which
specializes in highway and road engineering design.  Photography, music and my
robot collection are among my hobbies.  Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas,"I
am here .. in the Capitol of Tejano music." - John D Zapata

John has over 32 years of experience in the music industry.  He has documented
events for Univision's Radio & Television Group in Dallas/Ft. Worth and San Antonio,
Fiesta San Antonio, The Tejano Explosion at Cattleman's Square, The Tejano
Academy of Artists and Musicians, Dallas Cowboys Football Club, The Tejano Music
Awards, The Tejano Music Fan Fair Festival, Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, Tejano
Conjunto Festival, Tejano Veteranos Conjunto Festival, the Tejano Music National
Convention, National Council of La Raza, The State Fair of Texas ... and many more
organizations.  He has appeared on Univision's news program Primer Impacto. His
photography has appeared on WOAI-TV San Antonio and TexasMonthly Magazine.
John currently is involved in Special Events planning and Artist Development &
Promotions and is a consultant to the Tejano Music Awards and served as their
Talent Coordinator for Special Events and Consultant for 13 years.
TejanoEntertainment.net / XapFM / Zapata Media Group
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United States

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