Amber Rose
Nearly 20 years ago at the tender age of 14, San Antonio native and
Latin singing sensation Amber Rose made her self-titled debut album
with Virgin Records. Her Tejano-pop-dance music mix flair included
smash hits like “Chicas Quieren Gozar” and “Candyboy”. Her rise to
fame included appearances on the Maria Conchita Alonso Show,
opening for the Latin Kings of Comedy Texas Tour, and many more.

Amber Rose at 14 already displayed the savvy approach to her music.
She coos with childlike innocence on the pop ditties "Chicas Quieren
Gozar" (a bilingual version of Cindy Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have
Fun") and "Candyboy." But she also delivers fiery emotion and hip-hop
attitude on the breezy techno-pop tune "Esta Noche." Meanwhile, the
infectious cumbia "Tu Me Prometiste" rings with dance-floor appeal.
Rose seems well at ease in this Tejano-pop-dance music mix--a mix
that bodes well for the future of contemporary Latin music in America.
The 1990s have seen the rise of various hybrids and fusions in the
new youth-driven Latin music, whether it's the merenqueteque grooves
of West Coast banda or the hip-hop-rap-salsa rhythms of New York
act Proyecto Uno. Rose seems to be at the right place at the right time
for music in the new millennium. - by Ramiro Burr

Amber Rose put performing on hold but decided that 2016 was the
year to return to the music scene. She did so in a BIG way with her
performance at the Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair which sparked
glowing reviews from Tejano Nation and left the fans begging for more!
Her performance of the Selena song “Que Creias” has received nearly
12k views in one week and even got the attention of Selena’s father
Abraham Quintanilla stating she had “a really good voice”. Since then
she has been receiving requests from DJ’s to play her music and has
performed again at the Poteet Festival this April. Currently Amber is in
the recording studio putting the finishing touches on her new CD which
is scheduled for release in late June 2016.

Aside from her music, Amber Rose is the co-founder of INAZ
Cosmetics and is the loving and devoted mother to her daughter (who
is following in her mother’s musical footsteps). Her rise to fame at a
young age bared no hindrance on her kind and loving spirit. There is
no one else more deserving of a second comeback than Amber Rose. / XapFM / Zapata Media Group
Rivas Street Centre - San Antonio,TX - 78228
United States

ph: 210.862.5325 -

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