* Cindy Ramos y Exclusivo *
Music from the new release "Inolvidable" from Cindy Ramos y
Exclusivo.  Mix by John Zapata @ XapFM.
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Today, Cindy proudly performs with her own band, Cindy Ramos Y
Exclusivo. The band has currently recorded a demo album including the
very popular tune by Jenny Rivera, “Inolvidable”, in which they added a
fusion resonance of tejano/conjunto style adding the bajo sexto and
community as local radio stations took requests by the people of Laredo
accordion . “Inolvidable” suddenly became a popular hit in the Laredo
for air play. Other songs included in the demo recording are “Te
Presumo,” originally from Banda El Recodo and “Ocho Dias.”  Exclusivo
managed to transform these songs into their own unique style as well.  

Cindy Ramos Y Exclusivo is also led by musical director and multi-
talented, Jesse Gonzalez,  who has proclaimed a name of his own with
over 30 years of experience in the music industry.  As said by Mr.
Gonzalez, “the sky is the limit!” Exclusivo is also made up of very
talented musicians that assert over 20 years experience under their belt.

Members of Cindy Ramos Y Exclusivo include:
Cindy Ramos- Lead Vocals
Jesse Gonzalez- Accordion
Luis Leal- Bass Guitar
Albert Aguilar- Drums
Raul Rodriguez- Bajo Sexto