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"Heres a bit about me. I'd say the first "real" band I played in was a
group called "Valor." Long time childhood friend of mine asked for my
help in starting a band. I was reluctant at first but decided what the
hell. I was very green to the whole band thing but caught on  pretty fast.
I learned a lot with that band as far as working withouts, song writing,
song arranging, etc. We made a little noise in the area and got a
record deal with a local record company Hacienda Records. And there
was another learning experience from recording to mixing, mastering,
promoting but  also on demand. How your record company need
material out and it has to be good. It was great time but, also became
one of the reasons for my leaving of the band long with most of  the

"Months later we diced to see if we could put a band together and jam
but we needed a few more members. We asked my brother Mike to
help us out on bass. This was his first time in a band and was very
excited. He also had learned a lot by watching me on stage and
behind the scenes with Valor. We had wanted to come out with
something new and fresh with this project. We had decided to have a
fusion of modern rock with Latin rhythms. Have our lyrics in Spanish
mixed with a little English. Something that we could related to as
being Mexican Americans. So we started up VICITMA. It took awhile till
we caught on here, but when we did it took off. In time we even got a
national sponsorship with Budweiser that lasted four years. After
about a decade of this group we decided to call it quits. I still had a fire
inside to do more music. I had wanted to start a new project and a
new sound. I wanted to fuse the modern rock sound that we had used
in Victima and put it to a Cumbia beat. Thats where we started
Sonidos del Barrio. We released our first single "Mi Cumbia" and in
time started getting air play on Tejano radio station. It caught the
attention of a few big wigs in the Tejano music industry. We where
soon making TV appearances, doing radio interviews and doing
autograph session at many Tejano festivals. We even got asked to
one of the featured band at the opening ceremonies at the Tejano
Music Awards Fan Fair. The only group without a record deal of years
and of hit music. Two years in a row we where nominated for a Tejano
Music award and a Tejano Globe Award. But just like the other groups
we parted ways. I still wanted to write music and started messing our
with some stuff in my studio. I figured since I wrote, arranged and
produced for SDB I could try my hand at a solo project. Like with the
other projects I wanted to come out with something new and different.
I had never heard of any artist try to fuse a Tejano ranchera with
hip-hop beat and samples. Since this was the first time I had every
written a ranchera figured why not try it. It turned out to be a good
decision. This latest singles "Ya No, En Mi Caballito Blanco and  Voy A
Esperar" are getting air play all over Texas, the USA and Mexico and
have been on the Tejano charts as well."

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