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Lisa Mar Brings Sabor Tejano to Diva Tequila

Tejano Music has a new flavor and it is Lisa Mar. Tequila also has a new flavor and it is “ Diva Tequila” and
together they make for a unique, awesome combination.

You see, Diva Tequila company has picked Tejano music Diva Lisa Mar to be their face and spokesperson for
“Diva Tequila.”  When the company heard about Lisa thru meetings regarding a Diva Tequila Tour, they
decided to friend her in Facebook and ask her about her interest in a sponsorship by Diva Tequila to which
Lisa responded with a “definitely” and so a meeting was called to meet and greet and discuss the future of
both Divas, Lisa and Diva Tequila, a very smooth pink and lady like Tequila.

Her sultry-looking image was the logical choice for ad prints; ads that feature Lisa straddling a monster-
looking Harley Davidson motorcycle plus other advertising visual images. That’s a far cry from when, a then
toddler, was influenced by her father, Neo Garza, her mother, Alexis Garza, who all played guitar.

“As for mom (Alexis Garza), she used to listen to Tejano music a lot which had a great influence on the
children. Furthermore, my brother Fred played tenor saxophone and guitar in the Edcouch Elsa High School
Band and went on to play saxophone until he picked up playing mostly guitar,” Lisa said during an interview at
the Hispanic Entertainment Archives. “He (Fred) also played guitar when I was six, or seven, and used to sing
as a group with my sisters – Jean, Audrey and Leah.”

Although the Tejas Records artist did not speak fluent Spanish back then, she was able to sing “La Palomita,”
“Los Barrandales,” “De Colores” and other old classics.

“I would listen to some Tejano, but I didn’t get into it until we moved up to Holland, Michigan, where I got
hooked once I started listening to Laura Canales and Elsa García; and it was 1993 when I would listen to a lot
of Selena and became the lead vocalist for the grupo Súper Cañon. With them, I did live radio and TV gigs and
would throw in some Tejano tunes.”

“In regard to our move to Michigan, we went on vacation for three weeks and ended up staying for over thirteen
years,” her father added.

In Holland Michigan, Lisa’s father built her a Studio in which to rehearse and it was there that she says she
sang night and day. And as they say, practice makes perfect; and she got so good that a Detroit-based music
Producer was impressed enough to record Lisa with a stable of studio musicians. However, the then EGG
Records album, which included, “Naciste Para Mi,” her own composition, was only released in Michigan due
to issues with the masters.

In Michigan, Lisa would open for Jaimé De Anda y Los Chamacos, Los Escorpiones and other bands.  The
compact disc, “Naciste Para Mi”, sold quite well at her gigs at various event centers. In the meantime, one by
one, her three sisters started getting married and moving back to their home state of Texas and decided to
live in San Antonio.

By 2003, Lisa had finished high school through on-line courses and she moved back to the Alamo City.  
“Here, I didn’t want to stop singing, so I took a job singing at the karaoke room in Graham Central Station,
where I started meeting people, getting connections and even had the group “La Calma” auditioned for her,
but that eventually fell apart,” the Tejas Records artists continued.

“Next, Walter Schodts asked me to do three songs for inclusion in The Cruizers ‘Tribute to Laura Canales’

In 2005, officials not only invited Lisa to perform, but also crowned her as Queen of the Festival of the Arts in
Corpus Christi. It was also this same year that the Tejano Diva joined Grupo Imagen when it was not an all-
female act, appeared on the “Domingo Live” television show, and recorded a four-song extended-play album.

After a brief hiatus, Lisa returned to San Antonio, regrouped with two of her sisters, Jean and Drey, and they
started performing a variety of different music genre English and Spanish cover tunes almost every weekend
during summer at Market Square.

In 2005, she recorded her own penned “Naciste Para Mi,” a full CD, at Slackmonster studio under the label
Neo.G Records, executive Producer, and “La Loca,” a cumbia from this production, garnered airplay in
Midland, Odessa, Temple, Texas and KEDA.

In 2011, Lisa and Neo G., her manager, realized they needed a band to start touring and she placed an ad
that read – Female Tejano singer looking for band -- on Craig’s List. “And as it turned out, a band had lost
their male vocalist.”, so she decided to try out for that and other spots.

After auditioning and jamming with several band members looking for a startup band, an accordionist for
Camino Real; Freddy O(Ortíz), guitar; Michael Diaz, bass; and Thomas Martínez, drums; came together as

By the time the 2014 Tejano Music Awards had arrived, Lisa had made the list of Nominees for “Best New
Female Artist of the Year” finalists twice and was now was called on to be a Presenter for this Event.

Now the singer-songwriter has a new CD titled “Sabor Tejano” produced and recorded by Chris Lieck and
Donato Arredondo at ‘Tejas Records’ and this production includes four original tunes of which she wrote.  
The album kicks off with “Me Voy Lejos,” a song Lisa learned as a child and which also is probably the best
true conjunto tune in this production. Next there’s “Mi Amor.” In this tune, she sings, “I’m going far, but
remembering a love that was so profound and the only love I adored with great passion.”

“Un Viejo Amor” has some solid, good hard-core, conjunto drumming, which makes for a great crowd
pleasing dancing beat. And what a difference it makes when David Lee Garza sits down to whip out his
signature accordion licks in “Desvelado,” which Lisa wrote about her uncle, who is presently in hospice, and
as can be expected is a moving tearjerker.   Next Lisa takes Juice Newton’s “It’s A Heartache” and makes it all
her own in Spanish as “Un Juego” in which is probably the most radio-friendly number in this album.
“‘Cumbianderos’ is a cumbia with flavor and rhythm for everyone to dance; and for everyone to enjoy,” the TMA
finalist explained. “Then there’s ‘Ven a Mi,” a flirtatious cumbia in which I tease the dancer with ‘come to me,
come closer, come dance with me.’ ”

In spite of the many cumbias in this CD, Lisa says that her forte is rancheras. She also shines on simple raw
conjunto songs such as “Una Razon” in which she tells her boyfriend, “Give me a reason to stay with you. You
stole my love and body, than you turned into my worst enemy (ouch). So give me a reason to forgive you.”
Forlorn Tejanitas are going to love this one.  This CD was completely recorded with studio musicians, which
included Martín García, arrangements and keyboards; Juanito Castillo, accordion; Luis Ortíz, guitar; Stanley
Revias, bass; and Larry Villanueva on drums.

Asked about her Tejano flavor, the “Diva Tequila” spokesperson said, “Vocally, I have a lot of influence from an
older style of conjunto, so I just modernized it and called it ‘conjunto with a kick.’

As for her live performances, don’t expect Lisa to just stand there and sing. “I’m a performer and I love to
dance, so once I start, you can’t get me to drop the mike or stop dancing.”  To this Neo G. added, “When she’s
on and off stage, the crowd, from the youngest to the oldest, flocks to her.” Ahem, and after viewing the Jorge
Flores photos that illustrate this article, it is obvious why the males want to get a closer look.

To see Lisa Mar in action, check out her many YouTube and Facebook videos and for more information, go to
Lisa Mar on facebook; www.facebook.com/lisamar. For bookings, contact Neo. G at (210) 639-4581 or e-mail
him at neo.g@sbcglobal.net.
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