* Louie Marinez *
Featuring new music from "Sin Fronteras" by Louie Marinez. Includes: "Ando Que Me
Lleva", "Palabritas", "Rosa De Oro" and "Ron Con Coca Cola." Mix by John Zapata @
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several songs with enduring Tejano classic arrangements.
Marinez calculated every move, thinking of his audiences across America by
pleasuring their souls with anything but the usual. He brings a colorful background
into a cool, sophisticated sound that blends the cutting edge of Tejano “Big Band”
power to the explosive accordion improvisations running neck and neck with
synthesized arrangements. What a journey Marinez has traveled, from his humble
beginnings of the Arizona desert to the bright lights of the Hollywood Bowl,
National TV Awards Shows, Presidential performances — and every destination
performance in between.

Earthy, spirited, truly sophisticated… Louie Marinez is a soulful artist who knows
no boundaries in the music world —

SIN FRONTERAS is sure to resonate with its homegrown vibe in every corner of
that world.