Ray Ray De Los Agues

Ray Ray is a solo artist, ASCAP songwriter and performer. His platform is Tejano
and Conjunto music.  Ray Ray brings positive energy to every performance and
has a unique vocal quality that is passionate.  He is getting airplay on several radio
stations across the United States and Mexico.  He has been interviewed on various
internet radio stations and has placed No. 1 on several countdowns nationwide.  
He is sponsored by Del Bravo and represents Route 66 Tequila.  

Growing up in a talented musical family called Los Agues meant that Ray Ray was
always surrounded by music. If you have never heard of Los Agues, they were a
romantic trio made up of their father and five sons. Their unique and hypnotic style
earned them many awards.  Los Agues made a special appearance on the
"Selena" movie as Grupo Fuego in 1997.  Coincidentally, the song they performed
in the Selena movie is also the single on this new Album “No Se Como Fue”.  Ray
Ray was the third vocalist and played percussion for Los Agues.  

Having traveled a path that has taken him from stardom to square one after losing
his father, who was second vocalist in Los Agues, it pushed him to the top of his
game as a songwriter and ultimately a believer that he could become a solo artist.
He is ambitious and pushing to achieve his goals and dreams to keep the legacy
of music alive in his family.

Ray Ray released his solo debut album “No Se Como Fue” in January 2015. The
album was a success and was nominated “Best Conjunto Album of the Year” at
the Tejano Music Awards.  Ray Ray composed 8 out of the 10 songs on the

Ray Ray released a duet called “Sueños” in December 2015, and is doing well. It
is a cumbia written by his uncle, Benjamin McGraw, and was produced by Gabriel

Ray Ray recently released a new single “Ella No Eres Tu” produced by Grammy
Award winner and legend, Gilbert Velasquez.  It has the original Tejano sound we
have longed for in this industry.  It is true heart and soul with music that gets you on
your feet.

Ray Ray is living proof that raw talent, ambition and honesty can still prevail in an
ailing music industry.

The album “No Se Como Fue” and his new single “Ella No Eres Tu” are currently
available online nationwide on I-tunes, CD Baby and Spotify, etc.  You can also visit
Ray Ray’s official fan page on Facebook at Ray Ray de Los Agues for more

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