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Prior to the formation of SisterSister, Melinda Joyce was a vocalist with legendary
Grammy winner Little Joe y La Familia. She also sat on the Board of The National
Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS). Her ease with English and
Spanish was recognized when Country Superstar Reba McIntyre asked her to
translate several classic English tunes into Spanish.  Patricia Lynn has sung
professionally since the age of 14 when she formed her first band, Brown Sugar.  
She is a veteran of jazz, rock and blues.  The Sister Divas have lent their vocal
talents to several recording artists including Grammy winning guitarist Bob
Gallarza, Country Star Johnny Rodriguez and Little Joe y La Familia.

Their musical roots are grounded in church music and weekend family get
togethers where their uncles would bring out their guitars and everyone joined in
the singing.  Neither Sister can recall a time when music wasn’t a major part of
their lives and gratefully acknowledge and thank their mother for introducing them
to all forms of music from classical to spiritual to popular.

SisterSister y Los Misters are included in a recently published book, The Pride of
Magnolia (Grisel Cano, Ph.D.), which highlights contributions of numerous
talented artists from Houston’s first Mexican American settlement in the historic
East End neighborhood of Magnolia.

Lovers of savory spices will relish “la musica caliente” that Grammy nominated
SisterSister y Los Misters offer you.  Their music, an exciting fusion of flavors and
colors jazzed-up with the sultry-soul of their Mexican and Chicano heritage, will
keep you on the edge of your seat asking for more.  Once is not enough!

Their first CD “A Little Bit of Texas, A Little Bit of Mexico” earned them a Grammy
nomination and has become a collector’s item.  The CD is Tex-Mex Country
seductively intertwined with Cumbia and Tejano.  Their second CD “Latino
Rocks!” is a heart-racing, hip shaking medley of diverse genres meticulously
blended to bring out the passion in you by fusing the Latino-Jazz-Pop-Rock
sounds that have become their musical signature.  Both CDs feature songs
penned by Sister Diva Melinda Joyce.  Their latest release is “SisterSister y Los
Misters LIVE”, a DVD recorded at the Texas Music Theatre in San Marcos, Texas
where they shared the stage with legendary music icon Little Joe y La Familia.

Whether dancing with your whole heart or kicking back enjoying a cold one, you
will want more of this passionate, sultry, bluesy mélange that comes from deep in
the heart of Texas.  These Texas Twister Sister Divas and their fabulous Misters
put on an unforgettable show

Sister Sister y Los Misters - Solamente una vez (Once) is not enough!