* Sonia Bass *
Who is Sonia Bass?

With her fresh look and sizzling sound, Sonia Bass wants to
shake up the industry and propel it into an exhilarating
future while also bringing a "positive" message into music.  A
talented, inspirational vocalist, rapper, and musical
innovator. Sonia's signature style is a reggaeton-rap
cumbia-based fusion that is often described as inspirational
urban Tejano or Cumbia rap.  Whatever you call it, Sonia's
music has attracted a diverse fan base from traditional
Tejano's looking for something new to hardcore rappers
eager for a Latin flavor.

Singing since she was 5 years old, Sonia's longtime fans
dubbed her the "Diva de Kumbia" and with a good reason.
Sonia knows cumbia's inside and out, whether they are
driven by inventive rap lyrics, tinged with a tropical flavor, or
belted out with a passionate heart. From the heart of Texas,
this Elgin native has a variety of musical influences from
inspirational artists such as Funky Raul Sanchez, and Ingrid
Rosario to Rocio Durcal and the Kumbia Kings. Sonia's
music is inspired by her Mexican roots combined with her
love for the music she grew up with such as mainstream
American fusions like pop, rap, reggaeton, and hip hop.

The public first heard Sonia when she performed at church
as a child. Never shy, Sonia is comfortable with any
audience and her versatility is obvious when you learn that
she has fronted bands from genres including Grupero,
Tejano, Country Western, since she was just 11. Sonia has
paid her dues and is ready to bring her own style that
incorporates a wide range of modern beats without
forgetting about traditional sounds of the accordion. Unlike
many artists who perform music in Spanish, Sonia is
completely fluent in Spanish and English as she believes it is
important to know the language you sing. Sonia Bass is full
of surprises and her live show is not to be missed. Check
her out and see for yourself what this singer is all about.

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