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Chabot College, Hayward, California, and, went on to study Business
Management at University of Phoenix.  She was employed at several
Fortune 500 Corporations, such as Charles Schwab, and Assistant.

From 2001 to Present: Valentina started her business: V.A.M.P. –
Valentina Artists & Music Promotions, provides services for new and
established artists as a Promoter and Booking Agent.  She has
organized and coordinated several concerts and specializes in
promotions and management.

In 2002, Valentina relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, and continues
her passion for music and promoting musicians!  She also has
started to rehearse with musicians to sing in Vegas in the future!

Beginning in March of 2012 Valentina began writing for several
magazines as a Contributing Writer to showcase and feature artists,
Tejano icons and entertainers in the Tejano genre.

Another part of Valentina's life is performing and singing with various
bands at weddings, private parties and special events.

Valentina recorded a CD: “Sincerely” (Oldies Relived), a collection of
timeless 1950’s and 1960’s beautiful romantic oldies.  Valentina’s
rendition of “Sincerely” is beautiful and sincere, straight from the
heart. Also included on the CD is the Spanish timeless classic:
“Sabor A Mi”, the very popular standard,   “It’s Impossible”, and
various “Oldies” classics such as: “Our Day Will Come” and “Gee
Whiz” that are sure to bring back precious memories.  “Sincerely
(Oldies Relived)” will take you back to a musical epoch that gave the
world some of the most beautiful songs ever written to date.  
Produced, arranged, and backup vocals by music icon and legendary
Tejano pioneer with Stronghold Records:  Johnny Hernandez  
(Formerly lead vocalist with Little Joe y La Familia & The Latinaires.

Valentina’s plans for the future are to record a Tejano CD to be
released in 2015.  Her single “Tu Eres” (in honor & tribute to Selena)
has been released and is receiving incredible reviews by industry
radio personalities, promoters, fans and the Tejano community!

Valentina feels that the opportunity to record a CD is a dream come
true! She also stated that the experience of meeting so many
wonderful and extraordinary artists, friends, and fans throughout the
years is the most amazing and fulfilling experiences in life!

Valentina’s greatest achievement in her life is her children!  
Valentina's motto is to stay positive no matter what comes her way…
“and because of my family, friends and fans I am blessed beyond

Valentina has a strong belief in God and her faith and love for God
gives her the strength, courage and motivation to keep working to
attain success in every project!  “Without God we can do nothing.”
states Valentina.

Valentina Estrada's CD is available at:    http://www.reverbnation.
com/valentina and at  https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/valentinaestrada

Contact Information: (702) 234-9606 – Cell
E-Mail:  valentina.online@yahoo.com